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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Premier Vermont Bed & Breakfast

It is completely your choice whether to also reserve the rooms of the Inn. Please note that certain restrictions apply if you are not reserving all of the Inn rooms.

All guests who make reservations at our Inn have an expectation of what their stay will be like. Please inquire with our lodging manager about restrictions that apply when all 12 of our rooms are not available.

If you would like full access to the Inn by reserving the Inn guestrooms, a $2,500 deposit is required, which serves as your “blanket” deposit for your block of rooms.

Your deposit simply acts as a “blanket” deposit, which is the only way to reserve all of the rooms. You will receive a Rooming Chart from us where you will designate which rooms are to be billed individually, and which rooms are to be put on the Master Bill. The Master Bill is the room invoice of the financially responsible party for the Inn Contract.

Unlike a large hotel, the Inn is an intimate setting; as such, we want ONLY the people that you wish to be staying here the days of your event to be booked in our 12 rooms so that your wedding can be as stress-free as possible. In addition, this allows you to select which rooms are best suited to each of your selected guests.

We do not take deposits from your guests prior to their arrival. We collect payment for individually billed rooms from your guests when they depart. In the rare case that a guest leaves without paying or ends up as a “no show”, your room deposit will be used to cover any and all rooms that have not been paid.

All room rates are based on double occupancy. There is a $40 additional charge per person over double occupancy per night. This is a standard charge which covers the cost of extra linens, housekeeping, breakfast and afternoon snacks.

The Inn has 12 guest rooms, and our maximum occupancy is 26.

If you have reserved all of the rooms of the Inn, we are happy to welcome children as guests! Do remember that children are always considered people. For children aged three years or older and staying in their parents’ room, the $40 per night charge is applicable. For the little ones aged two and younger who require a pack and play set up or a cot, there is a $25 charge per night. If the toddler or baby is sleeping in the bed with the parents, there is no additional charge; however, they do count as an additional person.

If she is staying at the Inn, yes! We are happy to arrange for babysitting needs that arise for guests of the Inn. Because of liability issues, children that are not guests of the Inn cannot have a babysitter watching them at the Inn. We can, however, arrange for babysitting at the event in the Milking Parlor level of the barn once your guests have transitioned into dinner. If babysitting is arranged for the event, the sitter is considered a vendor and is scheduled to stay at the Barn for the duration of the event.

The Terrace Room can accommodate up to four people if necessary. There is a queen bed, a daybed and a trundle bed. The Jones Room is a good choice for a family of three, as a roll away bed will fit comfortably into the sitting nook. The English Room could also accommodate a roll away bed if necessary, and the King bed can be split into two twins. The Abbott room can also accommodate a roll away bed in addition to the King bed. If you are having trouble putting people in the right place, just ask us – we are happy to assist!

Toggle ConteOur sumptuous farm-to-table breakfast, freshly baked afternoon cookies, and early evening hors d’oeuvres are included in the cost of each room!nt

The Inn has window units for all of the guest rooms during the warm months of the year, so your guests are sure to be comfortable.

We are a fully licensed establishment and all alcohol to be consumed in our public areas must be purchased through us. If you wish to have alcohol available to your guests in the public spaces of the Inn we are happy to arrange that for you. Inn guests are permitted to consume beverages they have brought with them in the privacy of their rooms. By law, we must remove any alcoholic beverages that are in our common areas if we have not provided those beverages.

There might be a discount we can offer! Check with your Event Sales Coordinator prior to reserving the Inn.

Check-In is at 3pm, and Check-Out is at 11am. If you should need an early check in, please ask us ahead of time. We will make every effort to have your room ready for you if we know you will be arriving early, but we cannot guarantee earlier than 3pm.

A 2 night minimum stay is required for weekends, and a 3 night minimum for certain times of the year.

Your guests may smoke outside but we cannot allow smoking in any of our buildings.